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Lo Down Brown CDs are NOW available!

Please click the "Buy Now" button at the right to purchase a copy of our studio collection.  Postage is included within the $15.00.  If you would like to hear a live sampling of these songs, be sure to come out and see us live!!!

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you!

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LDB Collection Track Listing
1. I Saw the Light (Darrell)
2. Josie (Mark)
3. My Favorite Mistake (Sherry)
4. Mission of Mercy (Sherry)
5. A Whiter Shade of Pale (Mark)
6. Baby, I Love Your Way (Darrell)
7. Bad Love (Darrell)
8. Brass in Pocket (Sherry)
9. Play that Funky Music (Mark)
10. Crazy (Sherry)
11. Fire (Sherry)
12. The Boys are Back in Town (Mark)
13. Have I Told You Lately (Mark)
14. China Grove (Mark)
15. I Can't Tell You Why (Sherry)
16. No Matter What (Darrell)
17. Waving at the Sun (Sherry)

       (Written by Gary Shepard)
*Price includes postage!

Gary Shepard's Solo CD is also available!

Total Eclipse is $15.00 each (includes postage). Purchases of this CD can be made via Gary's website here:

Hear samples & BUY downloadable MP3's at:


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Total Eclipse Track Listing
1. Boston City Limits
2. Femme Fatal
3. All Our Dreams Are Sold
4. Total Eclipse
5. Waving at the Sun (with Sherry Iles)
6. Morningside Heights
7. Man in the Middle
8. Never Be Lonely (with Sherry Iles)
9. Acoustic Sunset
10. Changes (with Brooke Lundy)
11. Drifting to Saturn
12. Cruising (with Sherry Iles)
13. Sambucca
14. Handelucia
Get your copy here:

Sherry Iles currently has a 10 song CD available!

"Owe Spirit"

She wrote the songs and performed all of the vocals and instrumentation, as well as did the recording, mixing & engineering in her home studio. Gary Shepard played lead & rhythm guitars on "Walk On Water" & "I've Got This Feeling", and he did an amazing job, as I'm sure you all know. Thanks, Gary!!!

You may also hear samples & purchase at:

MP3's at: CD Baby &  ReverbNation   

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Owe Spirit Track Listing
1. Real Tears
2. Walk On Water
3. Break Through
4. Dream Tonight
5. I've Got This Feeling
6. Lighted Way
7. Unite
8. Common Ground
9. Spirit Soars
10. Get Back Home
    Complete album NOW available at:!

ALSO available - MP3 downloads at CD Baby!

Owe Spirit
Sherry Iles

Sherry Iles has done a thing or two in the recent past!

"After" by Ronnda Cadle & the String Poets is also available.  Sherry played bass on this professionally recorded album. The music is absolutely beautiful!

The album consists of 13 acoustic instrumental tracks produced and engineered by Don McCollister (Indigo Girls).

$15.00 includes postage & handling!

Limited supply available!!!  Only 30 CDs left!
After Track Listing
1. Roots of a Tree
2. Forgiveness
3. Waiting
4. After
5. You Are So Beautiful
6. Atl or Bust
7. Lazy Sunday Afternoon
8. Rosemary's Dawn
9. Southern Sunset
10. Letting Go
11. Ode to A Chance
12. Fly
13. Aiken in the House
*Price includes postage!

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